Adventurers Of Dalruan

Angwood's Goblin Problem
Angwood needs help getting rid of Goblins who have been raiding their small village.
  • The adventurers were called to Angwood in the region of Gordonian Vale as their village has been victim of Goblin raids over the last few days, and are in dire need of protection as they have no city guard or real protection.
  • They are greeted in the town center by Helmund Weatherhand, but their meeting is cut short by a Goblin raid in the town. The adventurers fight off the Goblins, but there are some fisticuffs between Varis and Farin Theywick.
  • After subduing the raid, the adventurers celebrate at the local tavern – The Laughing Maiden. Akmenos has a brief romantic encounter with a Dwarven lady named Daga, but ends up mugging her and taking her gold.
  • When morning arrives, they set off North into Angwood Forest towards the adventurers camp, aided by the town’s only fit soldier Arryn Hawe. Farin is suffering the effects of a good night’s post-battle celebration.
  • They don’t make it to the adventurer’s camp before nightfall and are forced to camp out in the woods. While Farin was on night-watch, he ignored warnings from birds that Sariel had assigned to scout the area, and the group ended up having to fight off a Giantsilk Spider.
  • The next morning they find and infiltrate the entrance to the Goblin camp. They are successful, but Farin gets caught in a trap and Arryn has to set him free. Farin impressed everyone with his cat-like reflexes when falling down from the trap.
  • The adventurers chased two Goblins down the cavern tunnel, but it is Farin who stopped them by killing one with a well placed stone throw.

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