• Akmenos


    An orphan of one of the Tiefling orphanages of the North East, he wields the power granted from a pact to an entity he does not know the identity of.
  • Arrold 'Otton

    Arrold 'Otton

    The fiery Halfling Blacksmith of Angwood.
  • Arryn Hawe

    Arryn Hawe

    The lone guardian of Angwood, he is a former guard of Gordonian Vale who was honourably discharged from duty and assigned the role of protector of the small town of Angwood.
  • Farin Theywick

    Farin Theywick

    The Dwarven Paladin of Kord, of the Theywick Clan of the Eastern Mountains.
  • Humphrey


    The butler of Angwood Manor.
  • Percy


    The lovely Minotaur tailor who the adventurers met in a cavern on the South Coast.
  • Rhogar


    Dragonborn Fighter.
  • Sariel Erevan

    Sariel Erevan

    The beautiful Eladrin noble, master of the Feywild and the natural world.
  • Varis Illonderin

    Varis Illonderin

    An Elf who grew up in the poorer section of Gordonian Vale, formerly a Gordonian Vale Ranger.