Farin Theywick

The Dwarven Paladin of Kord, of the Theywick Clan of the Eastern Mountains.


Part of the Theywick Clan, a Dwarven clan of religious warriors dedicated to Kord, the God of Battle, situated in the Eastern Mountains.

Farin was born on the same day as his Great-Grandfather, meaning he is expected to live up to a great prophecy.

  • Killed a fleeing Goblin with a well placed throw of a stone.
  • Credited for killing Grishnakh Ufthakh.
  • Got a Silver Medal in the Voorhiven Festival for Chicken Toss.
  • Winner of the Voorhiven Festival Crucible.
  • Married Arrold and Sariel.
  • Went for a swim at Elodil’s fortress.
  • Exploded emphatically out of a bundle of leaves.
  • Brought justice to a rogue Dwarf who had defaced some Theywick clan armour.
  • Went for a brief paddle on the return trip to Elodil’s Fortress.

Farin Theywick

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