Sariel Erevan

The beautiful Eladrin noble, master of the Feywild and the natural world.


Sariel is a noble, with her Second-Aunt being Ithril Erevan who sits upon the throne in Landroval.

She was trained as a Druid by a Master of the Feywild.

  • Dodged falling icicles with total elegance after she had caused them to fall in the first place.
  • Winner at the Voorhiven Festival in the Dogfight (as a Panther).
  • Winner of the Voorhiven Festival Crucible.
  • Married Arrold.
  • Tamed Dire Sharks for the team to use to chase after a runaway ship.
  • Protected Percy the Minotaur from the more hostile members of the group, and retrieved his enchanted spinning wheel.

Sariel Erevan

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